Tower House in Austin | Texas (by Andersson Wise Architects)

When we think of Texas nowhere in that thought is green grass, water or large trees. Talk about a skewed perception of the state. Fortunately that has been renewed by this house in Austin built by Andersson Wise Architects. Ultimately it seems more like a lookout tower which only makes it cooler.

(via designed-for-life)

Edgeland House by Bercy Chen Studio

The Edgeland House designed by Bercy Chen Architecture Studio features very unconventional shape, it distinguish itself due to extravagant geometric shapes. The constuction is both very discrete seen from the outside (the entrance) while view from the garden, geometric shapes extend towards the sky.

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Sobieski House by Koning Eizenberg Architecture

Folded white boxes house living and sleeping spaces while burnt wood clad bars enclose bathrooms and storage.

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